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Omin is a graphic artist with a 20 year history rooted in Graffiti. Hailing from Dundalk, Omin has been painting and traveling extensively becoming established on the international graffiti art scene. Painting in cities across the globe from New York, London, Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Omin works across a variety of mediums and surfaces ranging from large-scale murals, canvas works and explorations in print.

Omin’s graffiti pieces encapsulate traditional graffiti elements where letterforms can become deconstructed or in some cases verge on the abstract. Not one to stick to a routine Omin's style is ever evolving. His work also explores the human figure, painting characters with photorealistic and illustrative qualities mixing graphic elements influenced by glitches in everyday use of digital technology.

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Born in 1929, Paul was one of the best known and distinguished photographers in the Ireland. He began a career in journalism in the Dundalk Democrat in 1948 and also worked briefly in the Irish Independent in Dublin before deciding to work as a full-time professional photographer. His career took off in 1964 when he travelled to Germany to the Leitz factory in Wetzlar to learn about the iconic Leica camera where he purchased a highly desirable Leica M2 35mm. Paul worked mainly in black and white and skilfully captured spontaneous and poignant moments quietly and without fuss.

Paul was also one of Dundalk's more flamboyant and fashion-conscious characters who often wore a baby pink tie as can be seen in this tribute mural. Also included is the iconic photo Paul took of Chipperfields Circus arriving in town walking through Earl Street.


Excerpt from ‘Paul Kavanagh Photographer’ biography


Well dressed, polite and charming is how Paul Kavanagh has been described over the years. Add to that, energy, quick wit and a social conscience way ahead of its time and you start to get a broader picture of Paul. Throw in, kind, generous, family man, and you are starting to get close.


Above all, add Photographer, and you now begin to understand a man that was one of a kind and perhaps one of the most influential photographers that Ireland has produced over the past century.

Paul had a remarkable career in Photography and Photo-journalism spanning over 60 years, during which he recorded some of the most important events along the Irish border during the troubles as well as, and a lot of ways equally importantly, recording the everyday lives of the people, industry and everyday events of Dundalk, Donegal and Derry – the archive is unsurpassed in terms of importance to our local history and culture.

(Included from with the permission from his daughter Paula)

An archive of some of Paul’s iconic work can be viewed at

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