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Omin is a graphic artist with a 20 year history rooted in Graffiti, he has been painting both commercially and as a passionate hobby.

Traveling extensively painting the countries walls, bringing graffiti art to a mainstream audience in both his hometown of Dundalk as well as nationwide whilst also becoming established on the international graffiti art scene. His work encapsulates variety of mediums and surfaces ranging from large-scale murals, canvas works and screen print.

Omin’s graffiti pieces encapsulate traditional graffiti elements where letterforms can become de-constructed or in some cases verge on the abstract. His work also explores the human figure, painting characters with photo realistic and illustrative qualities mixing graphic elements influenced by technology glitches.

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The Railway Town

This stunning mural is a celebration of over 150 years of railway history in Dundalk, illustrating 77 years of engineering in the Great Northern Railway works, focusing on the architecture and industrial heritage of Dundalk.


The overall piece shines a light on the old Steam Engines that were produced here (in particular - the Northbound Express V.CLASS 440 No.83 Eagle seen here leaving Dundalk station passing the Signal Box on the left) and references the present day Diesel engines that we are now accustomed to (to the right of the mural).

The overlaid text and typography is a reference to the lettering that is found on the original Blueprints for the Steam Engines produced here in Dundalk. The company centralised their main locomotive and carriage facility adjacent to the main Dublin/Belfast railway line southeast of Dundalk. The character is a nod to the workers that built the omnibuses, railcars and rolling stock maintenance that was carried out in the Ardee Road works.

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