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Seek Walking Tours

The Free SEEK Festival Walking Tours are back!

Learn about the artists and their techniques, and discover the stories behind the pieces they are creating.

This 90-minute tour also features some of the amazing murals from previous years and captures snapshots in time of Dundalk’s rich history and heritage.

Meeting point: In front of Dundalk Tourist Office at Market Square

Please arrive 5 minutes early for registration

Duration: 1hr 30mins

Weather conditions: hail, rain or shine!

Tickets: FREE

Booking is essential, please contact +353 42 9352111 or Book Online

If, for any reason, you need to cancel your booking, please do so at your earliest convenience by emailing

Find out more about SEEK Urban Arts Festival

Seek Urban Arts highlights the important influence art can have in the public domain, it’s role as a catalyst for change, inspiring local pride as well as helping to reinvigorate and refresh some of our town centre spaces. Many historical events and figures have shaped Dundalk through the ages, and the themes behind the artwork will be instrumental in telling Dundalk’s story and connecting people to our heritage.

The festival is centered on promoting visual arts and culture in Dundalk. By commissioning established and emerging artists, we aim to promote the town culturally and artistically, while also enhancing the area as a vibrant hub for creativity.

Follow us on Instagram: @seekdundalkofficial



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