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Studio Giftig are a Netherlands-based street art duo. They developed a common style of highly detailed realistic murals, for which they became well-known. Recognisable by the process in which they translate their own personal concepts by photographing the objects or models themselves to create total autonomy within their visual language as a starting point for their paintings.


After their first solo exhibition in 2016, they started to focus more and more on their autonomous work, in which surreal elements have played an increasingly important role. By placing everyday situations in a surrealistic perspective within their work, they use the visual imagination of the viewer to create a suggestive representation. The themes of their paintings depend on their own insights and context or location of the work. At present, Studio Giftig perform their autonomous work both for themselves and for galleries and prominent clients and won the "Street Art Cities" award for "Best Mural Worldwide 2022".

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